Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crocker 2.0

Another one of the three Crockers being offered at Bonhams' Quail. I was pretty interested in Paul d'Orleans speculation about the multi-Crocker blowout sale:

"No less than 3 Big Tank Crockers, with estimates as low as $275k, which makes me wonder if the 'Crocker Boys' will snag them to prop up the values of their own machines. Happens all the time in the art world. Strategically, putting 3 Crockers on the market at once might be 'flooding' the market, but then again, plenty of people would love a Crocker... "

Or simply stay broke. Then you don't have to sweat such details. If anyone is planning to surprise me with a gift I'm totally fine with either. You are welcome to choose.

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