Sunday, August 19, 2012

C@D Report

After last week word got out that only Black Shadows are represented in Cedar Crest. That was remedied this week with a certain Rapide.

This monster also showed up. Apparently it has won Pikes Peak a handful of times for it's class. Not hard to believe.

Here's a picture of the same bike (David Hennessy & Jeremiah Owsley) running practice at Pike's Peak.

This 2008 NCR Millona also made the scene. I heard from a very reliable source this very bike normally resides in someone's living room. 125 HP. 275 LBS. Insane. Gotta love the Wilie Coyote inspired graphics. What you can't clearly see in the photo is that the "black" portions are where the paint was masked off to expose the carbon fiber. Based on the rear sprocket this bike is geared for 200MPH+.

Unusually interesting collection of conversations this morning. There are some folks with amazing motorcycling life experiences that show up for this silly little thing semi-weekly. Pretty cool.

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