Friday, July 22, 2011

Velocette Owner's Club Rally

Here are a few photos from the Vintagent of the recent Velocette Owner's Club Rally that took place in Oregon. I can't help wondering if Dad's '47 was in attendance since it was near his old stomping grounds. There are lots of cool photos, as always it's well worth a visit to the Vintagent.

Esthetically I really dig the girder era Velocettes EXCEPT for the fishtails.

They sure look bitchin' with the race megaphones though.

I thought this bike was really interesting. A 1948 Triumph 3T chassis, with 1950 Tiger 100 alloy engine shoehorned in place. I bet it's nimble (if not sketchy).

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Vorhese said...

How can you not love the Fishtails!