Wednesday, July 6, 2011

As the Composite Material Truns...

Some progress! One of the vendors selling Herald bearings on eBay actually responded. Thanks Mr Britpartssource:

"Hi, OK...according to the Vandervell catalogue these rod bearings are for crankshaft diameter 41.275 mm to 41.287mm and in inches it is 1.6250 to 1.6255" for STANDARD Size."
- britpartssource

The standard Triumph T100 journal is (I think mine is .010-IIRC):
1 7/16 1.4375 36.5125

=! match. Vandervell catalog... Some guys have all the cool stuff.

UPDATE - More from Britpartssource

...The 3 entries we have for the Triumph motorcycle in the Vandervell catalogue go back from 1955 on (not 1951)...the Tiger T100A is from 1957 on and the size is 1.4375", vandervell set# VP68..and the number on the actual shell is 2312M...Not that we have any of these bearings but I figured I have the catalogue out...The VP 243 set is for Austin and the size is 1.4379"...I looked under BSA Motorcycle Starfire 350cc and that is size 1.4375" (Closer) and is vanderville part # VP68, same as the Tiger T100A. Matchless and Norton cycles are both larger journals.
The set you originally asked on (VP421) for the Herald has the VP number on the shell as 2614M but the size is wrong.
As far as I know the Vandervell catalogue is not online...we treat ours like gold!
Good luck!

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