Sunday, July 3, 2011

C@D Report

I hadn't seen hide nor hair of Knucklehead Steven in a couple of months so I called him yesterday. He just wrapped up the 1934 HD VL he's been working on for a couple of years. We agreed to meet up and run it up to C@D.

She's quite a looker. I rode it a little too (the engine's not even broken in yet!). Nice bike.

Michael Breeding made it out for her maiden voyage too. Looks like the '38 UL hasn't totally displaced the '39 Chief. Word is the U is currently having the motor freshened.

Michael brought me a surprise gift. The small book has a copyright date of 1947. Speaking of copyright Michael mentioned that Floyd Clymer (of Clymer manuals fame) did a little time for mail fraud. Apparently you can't just reprint British manuals and call them your own... Pretty cool little piece of history. Thanks Mike.

Floyd had good taste in motorcycles though.

Wes showed up with his '70 TR6 along with a coworker riding the '69 Shovelhead he's owned for like 25 years. I hadn't seen Wes in at least a couple of months either. We had a pretty strong Meriden Triumph riding group last summer. We'll have to re-stoke that.

All in all a pretty good day (would have been better if Justin was around, he's off collecting doo rags in Sturgis).

Hopefully next time I'll get the memo when we're supposed to color coordinate motorcycles. I thought motorcyclists were supposed to be too superstitious to ride green motorcycles...

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