Thursday, July 21, 2011

500 Cam Stuff

I've been meaning to post some of the info I've found about the cams and pistons that came with my '51. I'm primarily posting this stuff so I know where to find it later but some of the history is just kinda cool too.

It came with a stock set of cams (E1485's). According to a couple of Triumph books I have these were only used on T100's both intake/exhaust for one year (1939). They continued to use them for exhaust alone 1946-49. My bike would have originally had the E2302's that were fitted 1950-52.

It also came with a set of JOMO TT cams. I tried to get a photo without much success. They are kinda neat, hand engraved "JOMO TT." I believe they were custom ground by Johnson Motors (or ground later as replicas of the JOMO's). The TT's supposedly had a little more duration that the Triumph factory "Q" cams supplied in the '50s 500 Race Kit and later pre-installed in the 650 TT specials. The claim was they provided a little more top end power. Pistons next.

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