Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sandia Peak Tramway

Alert - non-MC related post I readjusted my schedule for a while so I have a weekday off to better cover V's schedule until school starts again. I have vowed to do something special with V every weekday off. The first event was V's choice. He decided to ride the Tram (I'm honestly not sure how he came up with the idea). We took Grandma, it was a good time. Now consider the Tram from a gearhead perspective. I have answered countless questions about the tram, how it was built, how it works and TWA Flight 260 over the last number of days. The kid certainly does not lack focus. I figured I'd post a picture from the trip and a V original from today. Uncle Flathead has a lot of history with the Tram.


Flathead45 said...

Hopefully the cabin operator on the downhill tram didn't open the door and flash him on his trip. Come to think of it, that mostly happened with the last trip of the night, when only HiFi employees were aboard.

I so wish V was up here, and would be willing to ride on the front or rear fender of my Cossack bike.

Sydney said...

That's so cute. He was so stoked when he was telling me about your trip on the tram :)