Sunday, July 17, 2011

C@D Report - 7-17-2011

The last several weeks at Coffee at Dawn have been a little quiet. The Crest road and all the motorcycle approved offroad mountain trails are currently closed given extremely high fire risk conditions. The incentive is not what it normally is for many rider groups. The rattly Ducati clutch count has been WAY down...

When we first pulled in this lovely '47 Indian was there. I didn't have a chance to chat with the owner.

It was cool to see this Trident up there too.

Later Chick pulled in on his newest Jim Mosher built toy. It's a super cool bike though not exactly what I'd build with my imaginary loads of Indian building cash. Some things are a little odd proportionally to my eye (the Lycette seat, the headlight, etc.) and I'd probably prefer some of the chrome pieces painted black.

Mosher is a very performance over esthetic sort of guy. Kind of explains things like mounting the Tympanium way out in the open where it will cool well rather than hiding it and the choice of a Mikuni carb.

The overall concept and paint are super cool. The story behind the paint is even cooler. Chick's Dad was a B-29 pilot. The tank graphic is nose art from his B-29. I love the bomb kills on the chain guard. Given the "airman's bike" concept I thought it was kinda neat that they incorporated some English parts too. I wish I had an audio snippet, the thing sounds great!

Chick also owns a 1945 Triumph Tiger and a Thunderbird ('53?). He & I made tentative plans for me to go by and take some pictures to help get some things right on my Tiger.


Flathead45 said...

Cool Pix. My identification skills aren't so hot when it comes to Indians... Both the CAD Indians are Chiefs, is that right?

Would sure like to ride one once, to compare to my U.

BitMonkey said...

I think I heard Chick say it was a Scout. Given the sound of it (and Mosher's affinity for hopping up Inidians) it wouldn't surprise me too much if it's actually a Chout.