Thursday, September 19, 2013

Triumph Leads The Field - 1950

This ad blows some assumptions I've previously made about the 50's Triumph product line. Given that the Thunderbird was primarily developed as a response to American demands for a larger displacement motorcycle I assumed it was the highest priced model. Apparently not. It makes some sense to me that the T100 might be a top rung bike given it's hot rod reputation, all the R&D focused on that model and slightly later the availability of the factory Race Kit. As it turns out the Trophy was top dog. I wonder if that changed in '51 when the purpose build T100 alloy engine was released.

I think maybe I'll quit my job and contact Johnson Motors about dealership opportunities. I'm thinking I could get away with charging a little more than MSRP for new (NOS) 1950 models...

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