Monday, September 16, 2013

Pendine Pounders

It's frustrating to me that Europe and Japan seem so much better at abstracting the really cool aspects of American Hot Rod culture than Americans are. The SpeedHunters coverage of the Pendine Pounders event in the UK is like a step backward in time. Perhaps environmental impact prevents this sort of event from happening in the US but location isn't the only thing that makes this event cool. meanwhile somewhere in the US someone is building a six foot tall shifter handle, trying to fake "bullet hole" patina and buy jeans with a long enough inseam to fold a 12" high cuff. Sigh...

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Danny said...

If it wasn't for the USA, this type of style and these types of cars wouldn't exist in the first place my friend. Japan and Europe have done an amazing job preserving many different American styles by emulating them, but the fact is those styles originated in America. Trends are a sad thing and destroy many good vi gage styles, but at the same time they breed new styles that sometimes are good.