Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oyster Run 2013

I made the trek up to Anacortes with Hurry-Up Nate and Flathead Rob for the Oyster Run. I hoped to meet up with my father-in-law but it didn't work out. The weather was... not good. The Cossacks made a good show of it anyway. I met some super nice people but I think I got my fill of Softails and doo-rags for the season.

Soaked U

Soaked Fuzzy - later demolished a rack of ribs

It rained all day but these ladies found the sun stuck under the axle of the team trailer

Flathead Rob was not sold on a 2014 Chief - They are OHV after all...

Cossacks new staff car - I genuinely think it may have broken down there

Looked good doing it though

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Flathead45 said...

2013 Oyster Run officially renamed "Moisture Run"!! Shortage of Triumphs but it was fun to spend the day with BitMonkey and the Cossacks!