Saturday, September 7, 2013


Greeves + Triumph = Grumph. As always Lurker Tom continues to broaden my horizons. Pretty cool from a fabrication perspective. Pretty nice looking bikes for being pieced together too.

Like many vintage bike buffs I presume, I often feel like I was just born too late to live the bikes I really enjoy.

That's not the case for me where MX is concerned. I got just a taste of the gobs of power but no brakes or suspension era. Just enough to really appreciate the incredible advancements made by the time I could ride well enough to really push a bike's capabilities. I suspect my taste is also influenced by that perspective. In my opinion some of the most timeless looking MX bikes were Japanese bikes build as that era was just coming of age.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to tell what you genuinely just admire esthetically etc. and what you have a soft spot for out of pure nostalgia. I think I just knew what I liked as a kid but it's impossible for me to be truly objective.

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