Sunday, September 22, 2013

Time Sink

I seem to have an outstanding capability for wasting ridiculous amounts of time on fabrication projects. My '51 has a very nice set of reproduction pipes on it. Unfortunately they are 1 3/4 rather than 1 1/2 as would have been stock on the Tiger in '51. I've screwed around with various off the shelf adapters and continued to have problems with them shaking apart. When they came apart for the umpteenth time riding home from Vashon Island I was pretty damn motivated to fix them.

After some thought and discussion with Flathead Rob I decided to turn an interference fit shim to press on the original exhaust spigot. I spent an embarrassingly enormous amount of time turning two shim with just the right tolerances to press on the spigot and adapt the 1 3/4 pipe.

I'm sure if & when I ever sell that bike the buyer will be thrilled to pay the extra 7 hours of "shop time" to make these custom exhaust spigots. Good thing I don't do this crap for a living. If they solve they problem I guess the time might be justified.

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