Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oil Tank Vent

I've decided I'm done with the oil tank vent on Olivia blowing oil all over everything.

Currently there is just a vent hole drilled in the top nut and a small piece filter foam. If I over fill the tank or run for a prolonged period of time at high RPM it makes a mess. Part of the problem is I never wanted to run a vent hose

I'm considering trying to adopt an air compressor style vent fitting that will vent oil vapor without passing so much oil. I'm looking something like this. Problem is they are all pretty chunky. The smallest one I've found so far is this one. Ideally I'd like to drill and tap the the underside of the cap so it's not viable.

If you have any clever ideas or suggestions please let me know.

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Flathead45 said...

Come over and look at the primary vent for my Indian. You might be able to adapt one like it to work on top of your tank.