Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lemay Vintage Motorcycle Festival

Fathead Rob and I made the trek to the Lemay Museum for their Vintage Motorcycle Festival.  It was a really cool/fun show.

I read somewhere the 1938 Triumph Speed Twin I followed being restored here was going to be at the show. I'll admit I was really looking forward to seeing it. I was able to meet and chat with Terry for a bit too. He has some amazing bikes.

Tom Ruttan stopped by to chat with me about my '51 Tiger too. After chatting with him for a bit it occurred to me that he was the guy that built the Triumph GP replica I had been following at MidAmerica last year. I loved that bike.  He mentioned today that he is now building a REAL Triumph GP. 151 GP's and 15 spare engines where originally built. Tom is building the real one around one of those 15 spare engines. I'd kill to see that bike someday.

BMW fanatic and need a tow rig? This is what you are looking for.
Cossacks Central
The obligatory priceless Flying Merkel
Original paint 3T
47 Velocette - my Dad's first bike in High School
Triumph row
Someone's pile of crap
Terry Clark's 1937 Tiger T90
Terry Clark's 1936 Tiger T80
Terry Clark's '38 Speed Twin
Billy of Hellmut's Triumph - cool guy. I really enjoyed chatting with him.
Red's '48 Tiger. He's owned it 50+ years
This Scout Jr. had a great story
The owner's Grandfather and uncle. 
The paint on this bike was stunning
This original paint Jefferson boardtracker was one of the coolest bike's there
The quality of the bikes present was unbelievable . Earlier in the day I told my wife there was 0% chance either of my bikes would place in their class which I was just fine with. Both my bikes came in second in their class. I'm still not even sure how.

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