Friday, August 2, 2013

Gyronaut X-1

The Internet can be a crazy thing socially. I've made friends with people like Vorhese. The kinda of casual friendship were you talk to a guy a couple of times a week. You know his kid's name and some of the awesome stuff he does, could recognize all the motorcycles he owns and roughly how most of his various projects are progressing. Pretty typical of most of the motorcycle friends I have only I've never actually met him.

He's also frighteningly capable of sending me one line emails that for a vintage motorcycle addict like myself are almost the equivalent of saying "Hey, you should try this crack." to a drug addict. I knew when he sent me this link and this link a day or two ago it was going to consume a healthy portion of my weekend. Thankfully my addiction is fairly well tolerated by my wife and family. Checkout the links above and I hope your family is equally understanding.

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