Sunday, August 4, 2013

0th Annual Ride to Bellevue

Nate roped Flathead Rob and I into a ride out to Bellevue and Kirkland this morning. I was l pleased to see Nate's Panhead was along for the trip. Fun ride and the weather was amazing. Summer up here is hard to beat.
Errand stop by Bellevue hotel. Valet didn't seem to know how to ride a hand shift tank clutch
Whoa, surfer Dodge dude!
Fish & Chips with a side of 911
Saddle up! One of my favorite Burgundy Mist Panheads
Only genuine patina at the HD dealer.  Merry-Go-Round escapee.
Decorative Panheads

Beemer & Stieb Sidecar. Sill has the nubbies on the tires. Still has the nubbies on EVERYTHING.

Stunning Stieb Sidecar with art deco everything
Better skip the doughnuts if you are the passenger though

Steib sidecars are so elegant. Love that knockoff.
Pearl's '42 WLA in her 1946 Dodge truck. Both are keepers
Pearl called the truck a 50/50. Looks good from 50 feet or at 50 MPH.
It sure sounded good. Wooden wheels were a nice touch too.

Rumor has it this old girl was once a Cossack bike. Just the right amount of crustification

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