Thursday, August 22, 2013

Backfire Moto

Flathead Rob & I finally made it to Backfire Moto tonight. I must say, I really liked it. There must have been about 500 bikes there. Much like Coffee At Dawn in Albuquerque it's a very diverse crowd, much more diverse even than C@D. Think teenage women on scooters to fully patched Hells Angels and everything in between. There was a great mix of bikes too. I've been hanging out mostly in vintage bike circles since moving to the NW. It was nice to some well executed non-stock bikes.

Rob & I happened upon the Chief on the way out there. Sounds like it is a long time rider and sounded great.

Here are just a sampling of the other bikes that were there.



Flathead45 said...

Bitmonkey is too modest. His '68 Bonnie was drawing quite a crowd up in Ballard...

Anonymous said...

i agree. Olivia looked great.