Monday, August 19, 2013

1975 Suzuki RN370 - Roger De Coster

This post is really for Vaughn via Oscar.

Since Vaughn is a major Ryan Dungey fan the topic of Roger De Coster has come up numerous times over the last few years. Topics like "Having Roger De Coster as a Team Manager/Mentor must be a huge advantage." or "Holy shit! De Coster left Suzuki for KTM and Dungey went with him!" At first Vaughn assumed I mentioned "The Man" with some reverence because I knew him as a rider when I was a fan/kid. Frankly, Roger was before my time too. The guys I worshiped as a kid mentioned him with that same reverence.

I any case whenever Vaughn spots him in the background while we watch Supercross he normally just asks "Is that that old guy?" Funny.

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