Saturday, February 16, 2013

Early Bird Swap Meet

Flathead Rob and I ran down to the 45th annual Early Bird Swap Meet today. I'm missing my family and motorcycle friends but I must the prevalence of these sorts of events certainly help to soften the blow.

One of the primary items we hoped to find is a fluted headlight lens English Stephen is chasing. Lurker Tom mentioned that is a Model T reproduction lens. Unfortunately we stuck out today but we may collected a couple of promising deals we still need to chase down. In case you happen to have one stashed away here is the actual lens we were hunting. It has vertical flutes and is slightly convex.

As a consultation he coolest lens we saw is the one below. I suspect we are looking automotive hens teeth.

My only score was this original 1951 Triumph factory parts book. Flathead Rob & Nate scored this puppy at a swap meet last year. Now I have the matched pair. In some ways a Parts Books are more useful than the factory manual because of the exploded assembly views that aren't in the manual.

I also found this 1951 Washington plate. Believe of not it is original paint. It's not something I could even consider given my current budget but I sure would have liked to bring it home. next time maybe.

The following are just a handful of interest things we saw there.

This boat was pretty amazing. It must have been about 40' long. It is power by a 1000ci 6 cylinder. It hard to tell from the photo but the entire cockpit was Teak or something similar. For some reason you seem to see more boats , outboard motor, etc. than you see at similar events in Albuquerque...

This cool little runabout made me think of Chevy Dave


Cool little cyclecar. It's to tell from the photo but both the front and back were single person.

 Timing Association plate. It was probably a reproduce but still cool.

Funky snack vendor truck. This vehicle must have been photographed  more than almost anything else at the meet.

I love this old Dodge truck. Flathead Rob ended up buying a Indian Chum-me seat from this guy. 

It was a fun day and the weather was mostly good. This swap must by 3x the size of the largest swap in the Albuquerque.

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