Monday, June 16, 2014

Marymount Motorcycle Week

Flathead Rob, Nate and I made the trek down to the Lemay Marymount motorcycle show. It was a great event and the historical displays the Pacific Museum of Motorcycling put together were wonderful.

One of my favorite moments was running into Mike Coski while standing next to the "Kids & Motorcycling" display. Mike is a bit of a living legend (he rides a Shovelhead he build from parts that has 400,000+ miles on the clock). His Dad was also a a very successful local racer in the 1950's.  I always enjoy chatting with Mike. He was also happened to be prominently featured in the in the "Kids" display.

Mike in his Dad's motorcycle boots . They are big boots to fill in more ways than one - circa 1955
Mike - race win at 16 years old
Mike on grandson's first ride
Mike with display & Popsicle
 Here are a few of the bikes that caught my eye, in no particular order

There was also an AHRMA sanctioned vintage trials event taking place on the grounds. Some of bikes competing were unbelievably cool.

This Indian Arrow 220cc was bar none one of my favorite bikes at the show

Indian Arrow - "World's Slowest Indian"

We unfortunately just missed the trials competition, they were doing the awards presentation as we walked up. I did manage to find some footage one of the VME members posted of the Indian Arrow in action. That bike is so cool.

Believe it or not this isn't even everything I have. I will try to post more later. Thanks to all the organizers that worked so hard. It was a great event.

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