Monday, June 16, 2014

1951 Triumph T100 Race Kit

Thanks to Flathead Rob I've known for some time there was 1951 Triumph T100 Tiger prowling around the Seattle area with a complete factory Race Kit.

I finally got a chance to see it in person this weekend at the Marymount show. I've never seen one first hand before so I took a lot of pictures. Sorry if I dive too deep here for most. I thought I might want the photos as a reference some day.

I spoke with the owner the day after the show. He bought the bike from a Victoria man that built and raced the bike in his 20's... over 40 years ago. The current owner hasn't fired the engine yet. We'll need to work on that. Sounds like he's pretty involved in vintage racing.

Stock T100
Race kitted T100

The manual that accompanied the Race Kit is available here. You see reprints occasionally but thanks to a very good friend I have an original. There's also a road test here. My buddy Brian has a ton more information on the Race Kit here.

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