Sunday, June 15, 2014

1953 Triumph Sales Brochure

I mentioned seeing a 1953 Triumph Sales Brochure on eBay recently. I was quite surprised to see it not sell, I expected it to bring significant money. Simultaneously the only reasonably priced 50's CYCLE magazines I'd found for quite a while were selling on eBay and I blew my allowance on them. I reluctantly chose to feed that addiction (piece-by-piece collecting the first few years of the magazine) rather than buy the brochure. You can imagine how surprised and thrilled I was to find it show up at my house a few days later. Turns out one of my old motorcycle friends from New Mexico had the same brochure and sent it to me! There is a lot of vintage motorcycle events on the calendar here in the Northwest but I haven't made too many friends that compare to the ones I had back home. This particular friend has shown me amazing generosity over the years. I can't thank you enough. I figured posting scanned images might at least pay it forward to someone that's hunting for them.

The Motorcycle Cannonball is finishing here this year and the Lemay Vintage Motorcycle Festival is happening again this year. Both are pretty good excuses for a New Mexico based old motorcycle friend or two to make the trek. Flathead Rob and I would be happy to give any of you the guided tour of everything "old motorcycle" in the area.

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