Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Inside Story

As you may or may not noticed Keith Martin of Big D Cycle recently rrecommended a post to me. I couldn't help but ask for the back stories on the race kitted 1951 Triumph T100 and the 1955 T100R that I'd seen on Big D blog.

He replied with this. Very cool that he took the time to humor me and reply with the  answers.

The race kitted T100 was restored for a customer from Mexico.
The 1955 T100R is a matching numbers. It has a Jack Wilson built motor that has never been started. Jack did the motor in 1989 and the guy never finished the restoration. I would like to sell it to someone and then restore it for them. I just like to build them.

Jack Wilson founded Big D Cycles in 1963. Jack was an avid racer and LSR guy much of his life.  Keith worked for Jack and later took Big D over.

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