Monday, June 23, 2014


It's not every day I get a post suggestion from a Triumph motorcycle legend. I'm willing to roll with it.

Hey, I like your blog and thanks for giving us the thumbs up on our bikes.
I have been watching gas tanks on eBay. I thought you might like this.

I thought that these chopper tanks with airbrush and murals would get hot. Kinda 60's 70's folk art I guess.
Keep up the good work.
Keith Martin

Big D Cycle

Wow. Very cool and quite representative of a time when bikers and choppers still kinda scared Joe Public. Very reminiscent of Jeff Decker's collection of vintage club cuts.  

Thanks for chiming in, Keith. So what's the story on the T100R and the race kitted '51 T100

Big D Cycle is one of about a dozen places on my "must visit" bucket list. Keith, if you ever find yourself in the Pacific NW be sure to let me know.

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