Monday, June 2, 2014

Dirt Quake 2014

I heard about Dirt Quake from a friend at the last minute this weekend. I sure am glad I did. I dragged Flathead Rob along, the short ride we took to get there was perfect, the weather was great and the event was a ton of fun. Rob's comment that "This must be about close as you can come to the feel/spirit of a 40's motorcycle rally" summed it up well. We had a great time and met some really cool people. I hope it happens again.

This shift linkage was slick. Kit or home built? I don't know. Nicely built bike though.
I was told this bike's name is Lipstick. The rider was shy about thrashing it on the track!
This bike is very close to Flathead Rob's first bike. The carb is inside that bump in the right side case.
Bixby Moto Sidecar
This bike was the easy crowd favorite. It was just flying! Quite the showmen too.
I was pretty fond of this bike. The race slick didn't keep it from seeing a little flat track carving

This guy was really hanging it out on the track
Nothing says 70's like a molded Zig Zag man.
Loved these turned fork legs

Sadly I didn't have the means to shoot any video. Above is some video one of the Seattle Rockers contributors posted.

We need to be there next time with a WR replica.

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