Monday, October 21, 2013


I'm finding it harder and harder to buy motorcycle magazines off the shelf in the store lately. I guess I'm a little burned out on nothing but clapped out crap and 60's show bikes with 8' high sky pipes. I decided a while ago that when you can buy 60 year old magazines for the same price (with some careful shopping) how can you loose? Well it's a little like just "trying" crack I suppose...

I really like the Peterson/Clymer era CYCLE magazines. There are plenty of both American and Brit bikes but I love the American specific perception of Brit bikes in the 50's. Pure hot rod mentality. British magazines like Motor Cycling are fun too, especially for articles like this one. They just seem a little stuffy after reading CYCLE.

The personal notes left by the previous owners in some of these magazines are an interesting perspective too. Notes and prices left left during meticulous shopping research, footnotes to quickly find the articles with supercharged, nitro-methane fed lunacy... We're still all the same 60 years later. 

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