Sunday, October 27, 2013


This photo of Flathead Rob and Vaughn is from the Seattle Cossacks show in Ocean Shores earlier in the year. What a great great photo.

This photo was lifted from the same batch as above. Flathead Rob's son Brandon and girlfriend Alicia went to homecoming last night in Rob's 1933 Plymouth Sedan. Rob brought that car home (in multi-basket trips) when I about Vaughn's age. That old car still cleans up pretty good.Vaughn was as excited to ride in the Plymouth Saturday morning as I think an 8 year old Rob would have been.

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Flathead45 said...

Funny the details that jump out at me when I look at the old Plymouth. Take the trunk for instance. I bought the rare factory trunk rack at age 16, for $75. Spent the next 28 years looking for the mounting brackets (one year only, different for sedans and coupes). Thanks to the internet, I got them for a steal, once I could confirm what I was looking for.
The I found the trunk in an antique store for $75. Not in quite the shape it is now, however...