Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ran When Parked

1968 Triumph Bonneville - This bike has made the rounds in magazines etc. but I missed it's sale on eBay. It's a pretty original bike in concept and has a bunch of "cost is no object" parts.
These photos are probably the best I've ever seen of it from a details perspective. I'd be curious to know if it was actually run a Bonneville. Given the parts I bet it's a screamer.

Built by Jay at Choppahead and Don Hutchinson at Hutchinson Cycles
-          750 MAC kit
-          Rebuilt Stock 4 speed transmission
-          Mikuni carbs
-          Run 115 at Bonneville
-          Moon rear disc cover 18 in wheel
-          Wassel fender with gold leaf
-          Handbuilt sissy bar
-          18 in HD rear wheel w/ Firestone vintage style tire (with rim lock)
-          Nickel plated custom wassel tank with customtank mounts
-          Early sportster front end shaved/chromed from
-          1.75 x 21 custom front spoolie wheel with avon speedmaster
-          CafĂ© bars
-          Frame has 3 in stretch
-          Weld on hardtail
-          Rake is 30%
-          Steering damper
-          Custome drilled primary cover
-          60’s Cub oil tank with custom capacity added
-          Custom Oil filter
-          Race numbers from 2011 Bonneville races
-          Joe hunt magneto
-          Custom pipes
-          Nickel plated and old leaf everywhere
-          Custom chain guard with built in oil vent

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