Monday, October 14, 2013

Ran When Parked

1939 Triumph T100 - The 1939 T100 is my #1 dream motorcycle. I assume the window of estate sales one can find these at is drying up. I have never seen one of these that is not flawlessly restored (admittedly I'd want a restored one). I should be interesting to see what this one goes for as original ones just don't seem to be out there anymore.

This is the high performance version of the Triumph Speed Twin.  This is the first year for the T100 and the Coventry factory was destroyed by German bombs in 1940.  Not many of these machines were made or still exist.
I acquired this motorcycle at an estate sale.  The previous owner (deceased) titled the bike in the USA in 1948, but I'm told that he purchased the motorcycle overseas, possibly in France.
It appears as if the bike may have been used for flat track racing.  The charging system and all lights have been removed, as has the front brake assembly.  The bike has a skid plate and the right foot peg has been extended and reinforced.  When I purchased the motorcycle, it had no kickstarter, the one currently on the bike is from a 1960's Triumph.  I used it to ensure that the engine turns over freely.
The engine does turn over and everything feels as it should.  The gearbox shifts through all gears and the external indicator works as it should.  Inside the gas tank is very clean with almost no rust at all.  The ammeter gauge is obviously not original, and one of the knee panels is missing. 
The seat is a Terry seat and the fender pad appears to match, but may not be original.  The rear fender has several extra holes along the sides and the rear section is missing.  The bike has no stand.  the tires are obviously shot.  The front Avon is very hard and the rear Dunlop is still pliable, but obviously very old.  I believe the hard plastic grips are aftermarket period pieces are very cool also. 
This Triumph is in "as found" condition.  I haven't cleaned it, I haven't really touched it except to add the kicker and make sure it turns over.  The bike appears to have been modified for flat track use, but the bike is mostly original and everything on the bike appears to be in good condition and it's hard to believe that the bike was ever abused.  It is extremely rare to discover prewar Triumph Twin in this condition, let alone a T100. 
For more information on Pre War Triumph Twins visit Rob Stockdale's website:  I have had some correspondence with Mr. Stockdale about this bike and he confirmed that it is an original T100 and that the frame and engine are matched as they left the Coventry England factory.
Seriously interested parties are welcome to contact me and I am happy to show the bike in person.  Please be aware that this is a 5-figure $$$$$ motorcycle.
I have tried to include several large, high quality photos along with a thorough description.  There should be no surprises, but feel free to ask questions. More photos are available at: