Monday, August 29, 2011

Tom's Shop

I was poking around online looking some parts and stumbled across these photos from someone's visit to Tom's garage. Pretty nice pictures including a couple of someone I recognize.


Nate said...

When you strip them down to a frame they look tiny. Whats the weight difference between a little thing like that and a 45'?

BitMonkey said...

They were 300-350 lbs depending on spec, at least 200 lbs. less than a 45ci.

A stock Triumph 500cc (35.5ci) engine was 32bhp in '51. I think a stock WLA is like 23bhp. There's a reason HD & Indian lobbied to ensure the overhead valve racing displacement limit stayed 500cc against the flathead 750's.

Lynx said...

Thanks for the link. Those are some old pics. That triumph has since been finished and sold

BitMonkey said...

Thanks Lynx. My bank account and I are way too familiar with where that Triumph went. Not finished yet but getting there. Thanks for sharing the picture.