Sunday, August 28, 2011

C@D Report

I convinced English Stephen to tag along with Justin & I to C@D this morning. Olivia decided early on to prove she really is a vintage Brit bike by spitting an exhaust baffle out at him along the road. Justin is way too well seasoned by the occasional part flying off for her to gain much attention that way from him. But show off for Stephen. She seemed happy enough to spend part of the day with unbridled exhaust. Maybe it's like her wearing the occasional stiletto heels out to the club or something... As long as she's screaming for attention.

Kinda slow day at C@D today. Saw a nice Indian Chief and a Trident, both of which have been seen here before.

Allen made a rare appearance on his 1970 Bonneville. I've posted pictures of it before here. Great bike. He bought it new in 1970 in London. He just rides it. I always encourage him to not to get a wild hair and repaint it or something (I think you'll see why). He was saying it's on it's 3rd speedo so who knows the true mileage. I also recommended he keep any worn out/broken parts he takes off. Justin snapped some really great pictures of it.

I read somewhere recently Vincent motorcycles was not overly stoked about Triumph's "World Speed Record Holder" marketing propaganda. Supposedly at least one Vincent catalog stated “The world's fastest standard motorcycle!” and “This is a Fact — not a Slogan.”

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