Monday, August 1, 2011

Mecca of Brit Moto-Velo Obscura

Tom A (the former caretaker of my lovely '51) was gracious enough to introduce me to a friend named Brian T. Brian has so much amazing stuff and has such an incredible approach to fabrication and engineering visiting his shop is like visiting the Smithsonian or the Wonka Chocolate factory. With a best effort I may have digested 25% of what I saw. The collection is absolutely mind boggling. Throw on top of that Brian's fearless machine shop skills and it makes for quite a treat. Ever wanted to see a 90° Norton twin done ala Ducati? Brian has so he built one. There's stuff like that around every turn. I can't wait to go back. I can't wait to hear a few things run. Awesome! Perhaps Tom or Brian can step in with better photo descriptions. Otherwise I'll just have to begging to go back until I can do it myself. I'm taking a real camera next time if I do.

1924 BSA

1921(ish)Rudge and 1928 AJS. I think Tom said the AJS used to belong to Paul d'Orléans aka "the Vintagent"

1947 Velocette MSS. The bike that most wanted to follow me home. Tom is clearly WAY ahead of me in line.

1947 Velocette GTP two stroke single. Check out the open flywheel and "for show" twin pipe. Awesome!

1970 Indian Velo & 1952(?) Gilera

Sunbeam (don't remember the model). There's a exact twin behind it with 16" rather than 18" wheels. Notice parts for about 3 more behind the rear wheel.

Ducati's original business model after WWII was low cost transportation. The racing "Ferrari of Motorcycles" type persona did not come until later. I desperately want to ride up to a stuffy Ducati collectors track events on one of these Ducati Cucciolo's. "Where's my umbrella girl?!"

Unfortunately I haven't done any of it justice.

Flathead Rob and I are already plotting a resurrection of Dad's 1947 Velocette KSS. Check the rafters and boxes. It's there somewhere.

I can't thank you enough Tom & Brian.

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