Monday, August 1, 2011

Chick's - No Harley Davidson

Chick (formerly of Chick's Harley Davidson) is one of the preeminent vintage motorcycle collectors in New Mexico. Look around and you'll see he's a HUGE supporter of the sporting end too (how many other HD dealers would sponsor a vintage Triumph twin land speed record bike). Chick got into the HD business right before the HD boom in 1985 and sold out just before the crash. He's spent some of the money he made in the process on some very cool stuff.

I mentioned to Chick one Sunday that I'd be very interested in taking some closeup pictures of his Triumphs, a 1945 T100 and a 1950 Thunderbird. There aren't many bikes like that around here to glean details off, how this bolts to that, what's painted and what's not, which way the wiring is routed around that, etc. It was super cool that he invited me out to take some pictures.

Indian Row and Mert Lawwill Street Tracker

1950 Thunderbird perfection. The color is pretty stunning in person.

Original paint BSA Golden Flash Tourist

I'll spare you all the super closeup detail nut & bolt Triumph stuff. Unfortunately some of the other photos I took are just short of awful quality wise. Sorry.

Front door Bultaco wall art - through shop window



Chicks HD Wall

Ironically there are no HD's in his collection AFAIK (it didn't occur to me to ask why). He did mention that he's been into British bikes since long before he owned the dealership.

Thanks Chick! The other pictures will be a big help.


Anonymous said...

lawwill not a HD?!

BitMonkey said...

True enough. I was thinking vintage HD.