Sunday, August 28, 2011


Why would you not blackout your Knuck?


Nate said...

I think it looks bad ass the way it is. If it was blacked out there would be no bling to it. The chrome motor makes the bike stand out. My 2011 police road king is all black excpt for a few things like the motor, crash guards, handle bars, saddle bag rails and a few other things. I dig it, but either wayb its a bad ass bober! I've missed your blog the last week and you have posted some real cool stuff John!!! I'm not a big fan of the Iron Head's either, but that one you have posted looks like a 45 someone on craigs listed keep trying to sell for months asking a crazy amount. Anyways keep up the posting!! By the way your brother is doing great job with the Seattle Cossacks!!!!

BitMonkey said...

I should have been clearer. I meant this bike as the ideal example. Headlight, wheels, dash, trim etc. black vs chrome. Blacking out an original Knucklehead engine would be near blasphemy.

It's like painting over a pre-unit Triumph motor or a Vincent... oh wait. Scrap the Vincent. Turns out it actually works pretty well for them.

Been working on the '51 more than posting lately. That's a good thing. Glad to hear Rob's Triumph machine shop prototyping demands aren't cutting into his Cossacks progress.