Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Part Number Convertion

Who doesn't enjoy sitting down and reading through a captivating Triumph Parts Book? Unfortunately Triumph part number convention changed somewhere along the way so the part numbers aren't always one-to-one. I found following conversion table is pretty handy:

Alpha-numeric converts to Numeric Example

converts to 60-xxxx

to 60-4250
Exxxx converts to 70-xxxx E4576 to 70-4576
Exxxxx converts to 71-xxxx E12599 to 71-2599
Fxxxx converts to 82-xxxx F9356 to 82-9356
Fxxxxx converts to 83-xxxx F13245 to 83-3245
Hxxxx converts to 97-xxxx H2091 to 97-2091
Sxxxx converts to 21-xxxx S413 to 21-0413
Txxxx converts to 57-xxxx T1435 to 57-1435
Wxxxx converts to 37-xxxx W354 to 37-0354

I use the Moore's Cycles inventory search all the time. It does a pretty good job cross referencing as well.

The pre-unit parts seem to be remarkably well marked with numbers on the part. All I need now is a killer stash of used parts sitting a few blocks away like Flathead Rob has. Who cares if it means getting mounted by the occasional Rhodesian Ridgeback, right?

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