Sunday, June 19, 2011

C@D Report

Slow day a C@D today. There were a couple of Sheriffs roaming the patrolling the parking lot checking registrations, lot's of the vintage guys do legitimately register their old bikes. I'm not condoning the behavior but chasing away the bikes that are the whole reason I go just sucks.

This Suzuki was there. Everyone knows I'm a sucker for two strokes but this thing was pretty darn cool.

Every once a while a vehicle shows up that proves everyone at C@D really is just a simple gearhead. This bike pulled up and I honestly thought it had a serious rod knock. It drew a SERIOUS crowd... more than the guy that road up on a Ducati Diavel the first morning they were available.

This lovely Royal Enfield chassised diesel is owned by the proprietor of the Santa Fe Royal Enfield dealership. 325cc's, 6.5 HP, 18-1 compression, 176 MPH. The owner said it was on it's second tank of gas in 10 years. The perfect bike for Justin if you only added turbos, intercoolers and 1000 ft-lbs of torque.

Like most Royal Enfields this thing just screamed Harbor Freight type shoddiness. Whatever the price, the complete horror/disdain for the black smoke billowing out of it upon kick start seen in the eyes of the lady standing next to me was well worth the $.

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