Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Tiger Stuff

I'm still doing tons of cleaning, polishing, etc. to get the engine ready. Kinda tedious to do it so manually but I'm getting there.

I spent some time this week trying to reverse engineer the story on my rods. The '51 T100 rods originally had babbitt big end bearings. The rods in Emma have shell bearings. I wasn't sure if the original rods were converted to use shells or if later rods where substituted. Part numbers seemed to be getting me nowhere.

I found a nice post from Trojan Classic Motorcycles discussing a very similar rebuild in which they converted rods with the same E.1450 part number. Damn, their engine is sanitary! They told me they use Suzuki bearings. I've heard others say original Mini Copper shells are a close match too. Clearly the shells are relieved to clear the rod bolts. I probably need help from a good machinist but I figured that was coming.

Here is a snap of one of my rods. The other bearing looks worse but it isn't trashed or anything.

Another guy posted that he had E.1450's in a '49-'50 some I'm assuming they are original. I'm only posting a picture because he has the original babbitt bearings.


Flathead45 said...

Wow, your bearings actually look pretty good to me... It's totally cool that you will know youe engine inside and out; I'm jealous.

The engine build post was really cool. I wonder if the red coating on the inside of the cases was Glyptal. I have read of people using that because HD cases sometimes have porosity that can seep oil... Or is it "sweat horsepower"...

BitMonkey said...

I thought they looked pretty good too. Unfortunately the other one doesn't look so good. In the spots where the bearing is relieved for the rod bolts, it looks like the cut too deep. There are actual holes you can see through to the rod bolts. I'm worried about it wearing into the rod bolts, the bearing spinning or it collecting enough oil that other parts of the bearing/crank get starved.