Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1951 T100

I know I've posted some of these before but in lower resolution. The detail on this thing is unreal. I'm guessing it never gets ridden. I'm shocked someone would restore a bike to this level and put an Amal Concentric on it. Maybe it's because I've never owned a bike with a pre-Concentric carb. I love the painted rims. Check out all the crazy natural rubber trim parts that would rot away after 15 minutes in the New Mexico sun...


Vorhese said...

Those who can afford, don't ride em. Those that can't afford dream about riding them all day. The world is messed up.

BitMonkey said...

Too true! I hope to ride the piss outta mine someday before long.

The best exception to this rule I can think of is my brother's crew.