Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flathead Rob Report

I finally made down to Flathead Rob's today. We celebrated by taking his old girls out for a stroll. Great time as always. Nate and Dennis were in-tow for a good part of the day and were great sports considering my overall lack of tank shifting Kung Fu ability.

Nate was riding his lovely Panhead. A bike all self-respecting vintage guitar geeks are immediately required to love. The Burgundy Mist Panhead! Word is Nate actually has three Burgundy Mist Panheads...

I'm fairly confident Nate's paint color is an exact match. He mentioned the source being a 50's Cadillac shade. Nearly all the original Fender custom color shades where lifted directly from 50's GM/Chevrolet paint books. Compare the Jazzmaster below.

Countless times over the past few years I've contemplated painting bikes in one Fender custom color shade or another. Now that I've actually seen it done I'm convinced someone needs to amass a Panhead collection representing every available shade. Nate is 1/18 of the way there.

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