Sunday, June 26, 2011


I rode Flathead Rob's HD 45 down to Enumclaw to watch the Cossack's performance at the Children's Ride. Beautiful ride with ideal weather... couldn't ask for more. My pictures are pretty lame but it was too cool to be there.

Rookie/Pledge/Slave hard at work.

Most the Knuckleheads I run around with are treated with "kid gloves" as there is a LOT of money invested. The kind of bikes that run pristine $1000+ period license plates complete with the original '47 registration sticker. Cossack Knuckleheads have the same coolness and mystic but something is different. I can quite put my foot on what it is...

Pre-show lies. Clearly Nater is winning. I hope he isn't telling everyone I thought an intermittently dragging kickstand was an imploding primary. JK

Making an entrance

Trespass this bitch!

Fun day.

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