Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Surprise From New Mexico

So, I made the regular hike to the mailbox last night and found an unexpected envelop from Michael Breeding. I discovered a couple of neat surprises but the pinnacle was a 1951 race program.

Still, maybe my favorite part was the note. He didn't say much but I suspect Mike knew I'd absolute freak out when I saw what he sent.
I've invested a lot of time researching tracks/shops/clubs/races/events in the effort of preserving New Mexico motorcycle history and it's really tough. Compared to the Pacific Northwest were I am now living documentation from my home state of New Mexico is exceptionally scarce. I post content on the Pacific Northwest Museum of Motorcycling social media site twice a week. That would be virtually impossible to do for New Mexico.

I only mention it all as a means of stating this program is flat out hen's teeth. It includes both a track and club I've never heard of (new targets of research!) and most importantly it's from 1951, the same year as my Triumph T100. I've wondered for years what address and phone number Simonson Cycle's would have had at that time. I was interested in recreating a dealer decal for my bike.

Finally, my old motorcycle friends in New Mexico are truly amazing and incredible people. I've never had better friends in my life. Without fail they all are absolutely exceptional "shirt off their back" people. Surprise packages like this show up pretty regularly, even though I moved away 5 years ago. Mike is the most generous guy I've ever met (he gave me a lathe I use weekly, he let me ride his Vincent Black Shadow and innumerable other acts of generosity). They are all just super cool people too. I really really miss you guys... Thanks Mike!
I've put together a column in my shop made up of almost exclusively New Mexico related memorabilia. Ironically every item on that wall as a gift from New Mexico friends or my family. Amazing. MIke's program is now there too.

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