Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Atlas 618

I had something new follow me home this weekend, an Atlas No. 618 6" lathe. I spent a good part of the day yesterday cleaning off some of the crud and lubing everything. I also located an operator's manual. The 618 was offered in a special Armature Lathe configuration with a Commutator Kit and an Undercutter Attachment. I'm pretty confident that's how this one was born because in addition to having the above mentioned accessories the ways are are inscribed with "Herb's Auto Service."

There are a handful of miscellaneous small parts I'll need to chase down, the first being a tool post rocker but as a whole it seems like a nice little lathe. I did get far enough to fire it up and play with it a little last night. I don't think I've done anything on a lathe since 1988. I already have two parts for the '61 in the fab queue. It sure is going to be nice to have the option to make odds and ends occasionally. Thanks again Mike!

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