Sunday, April 8, 2018

Backfire Moto

Flathead Rob and I made the trek to the first Backfire Moto of the season at the new Sodo location, the Shop. It’s a different vibe than the old event. Given it was early in the season and raining it seems like it’s going to be crowded when summer sized crowds gather. Maybe there were more cars there because of the crappy weather.

The Shop is a cool concept, collector car/motorcycle storage and shop space to wrench on your stuff. The downside is it’s really only for guys with deep pockets. It looks like they are doing gangbusters on the car side though. I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a community space where you’d have access to machine tools, presses sheet metal fab tools Joe Sixpack doesn’t have the money or space to justify for only occasional use. This isn’t that. Some cool stuff there though. It looks to me like most of the cars likely belong to wealth guys that live in the city and don’t have the space to store collector cars. This means they can stage cars close by for occasional use.

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