Monday, October 7, 2013

Ran When Parked

Sammy Miller Bultaco Sherpa Trials Bike - Very cool Sherpa T 250cc based Sammy Miller Chassis kit which includes Nickel plated Highboy frame/Swingarm, Aluminum body work (Tank, Seatbase/sidepanels). Likely made by Wassel of England Aluminum skidplate, Sammy Miller triple clamp, SM aluminum exhaust, SM footpegs, freshly rebuilt seat, aluminum fenders, new Amal style controls, bars, grips. Also has new/modern Dunlop trials tires. Very cool AHRMA vintage legal trials bike. Not perfect but a beautiful rare bike with a touch of patina! RH shift!

I don't normally get worked up over over vintage trials bikes. Alloy bodywork, aluminum high pipe... this thing is awesome.

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