Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wilkeson Handcar Days

Flathead Rob, Nate's Dad and I rode out to Wilkeson, Washington for a Seattle Cossacks performance at the Wilkeson Handcar Days event. Wilkeson is a an great little town (pop. 483) with a very apparent coal mining history. The ride out there was hurried but all the old bikes ran great. Vaughn really wanted to go so thanks to Nate for throwing him in the trunk of his car. Evidently they allow almost anyone into Wilkeson.

The performance space was tight and as a result there were an unusually high number of get-offs. Thankfully no injuries. The trip home through Black Diamond is on of my favorite rides up here. When the weather is right around here it is so right. It doesn't get any better. Please remind me how incredible the summer is when it's raining for weeks straight in the winter.

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