Monday, July 29, 2013

New Shoes

Since way before Olivia was even a completed project I intended to run a 4.50x18 rear tire. I had some concerns about the tire clearing the chain, fender, etc. I also knew if it didn't fit I'd pretty well be stuck with it and the repop Firestone Deluxe Champions are not cheap. I wimped out and ordered a 4.00x18. Believe it or not the 4.50 is a full inch taller. I know it's petty but the look of the 4.00 has bugged the crap out of me ever since.

 When I decided it was time to replace the well worn 4.00 I knew I wanted to give the 4.50. Finding a reseller that would accept the return in the event the 4.50 didn't fit. 

Sure, you probably don't crap but I think it looks way better.

Skinny tire or not this is one of my favorite photos from the Cussen sessions. 

And for comparison:

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