Saturday, July 6, 2013

Velocettes - New For 1947

As I've mentioned here before my Dad owned a 1947 Velocette in High School. Unfortunately he can't recall the model and I've never seen any photos of it. Tomorrow we are planning to pay a visit to the guy he sold it to. I'm really hoping he might remember some details Dad doesn't. I've always suspected it was a KSS. If we could pinpoint the specifics I'd love to track one down some day.

I'm posting the '47 model line so I easily reference find them should I need them tomorrow.

KSS - Kamshaft Super Sport
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Here are the specs by model type:

1947 Production numbers by model
KSS - 1250
MOV - 38
MAC - 50
MSS - 1211
KTT - 11

Dad is pretty confident it was a 350cc. Based on production numbers for 1947 a KSS seems much most likely than a MAC.
1947 Velocette KSS
1947 Velocette MAC

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