Sunday, July 28, 2013

GoodGuys 2013

Vaughn & I took a brief run through the GoodGuys show today. There were a ton of cars cruising around the grounds and V didn't like the noise. Shame. He was loving it otherwise. I have no idea how many cars we didn't get to.

Chief Pontiac

I liked this car quite a bit. The stance is a little too street rod for my taste.

1955 Austin Healey 100-4

Vaughn's Fastback

Loved the paint on this '39

I'm generally pretty over flames on hod rods but they are still pretty cool on young women

Bastard child of a GT40 and a Mach 1? Not may taste but Vaughn was ready to take it home. Vaughn decided he is ready to start building a GT40 kit car. Vaughn's b-day is tomorrow so I guess we now have 8 years to finish it.

Vaughn was excited to find a "Cossacks" crest on this car in the parking lot

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