Monday, July 15, 2013

Trip To Republic

Flathead Rob and I made a crazy one day trip out to Republic Washington and back for a Cossacks gig (two actually). It was a long haul but the rally was fun and the Republic locals were awesome.

I also got  to see the coolest Cossack "fan" moment I've ever witnessed. This awesome little girl had just completed a flattrack race on a 50cc MX'er against boys probably twice her age. She was cruising through the gate near the track with her Mom and was pretty much awe struck by Rob's celebrity status (that or his uniform made her think he was an ice cream man). She reached her left hand out to shake his hand pretty much speachless. I hope she keeps riding. The motorcycle world needs way more girls like her.

Rob, Nate and I found the one place left in America Mike & Frank haven't plundered and flipped. Somewhere in Eastern Washington. If only we could ever find it again.

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